Notify Pedestrians of On-Coming Forklifts
Perfect for Blind Intersections – Line-of-Sight Not Required
Compatible with All Forklifts (Gas and Electric)
Customizable and Made to Your Specific Requirements
Coded Components for Group Distinction
Quick and Easy Installation
Low Cost – See Our Published Pricing
Reduce Risk of Injury, Lawsuits and Liabilities
Maintain Lower Insurance Costs
Can be used anywhere Mobile Equipment is in Proximity to Humans
Easily Mounts to Wall Where There’s Pedestrian Traffic
Adjustable Sensitivity for Varying Environments
Line-of-Sight with Forklift Mounted Transmitter is Not Required
Integral Audible Warning Sound Emitted When Forklift is in Proximity
Options for Tethered Audible Warning Signals Available
Integral Visual Warning Strobe Activates When Forklift is in Proximity
Options For Tethered Visual Warning Signals Available
Reset Switch for Warning Signal and Power Testing
Received Signal Verification Diode
Requires 110 VAC Power Outlet
Easily Installs on All Forklifts
Operates on Forklift Power (Except Portable Units)
Transmission Frequency is 303.3875 MHz
Electric Forklifts Require Flux Capacitor Module
Extra Terminals to Install Safety Strobe on Forklift
Transmission Verification Diode
Portable Transmitters are Available for Manual Pallet Jacks Only
Flux Capacitor/Power Converter
Required for All Electric Forklifts
Normalizes the Power Output of Electric Forklifts
Required for All Forklift Transmitters (Except Portable Units)
Converts Forklift Power for Transmitter Operation
System Power Lighted On/Off Switch
Transmission Verification Diode