Complete Vehicle Kit

This kit has everything you need to outfit your forklift!

The Flux Capacitor/Power Converter is mounted inside the Forklift Operator’s compartment. It connects to the forklift power supply and should be visible to the Operator. The Flux Capacitor/Power Converter normalizes the forklift power and converts it to power utilized by the Transmitter and attached Accessories.

The Converter has an On/Off switch and a Power Verification Lamp. The Transmitter also connects to the Converter and transmission is monitored using a Transmission Verification Diode located on the Converter.

The Transmitter is mounted on the top rail of the forklift and connected to the Flux Capacitor/Power Converter. The Transmitter is coded to the Forklift Alert™ Receiver for grouping and is constantly transmitting.

When the forklift approaches a matching Forklift Alert™ Receiver, the Receiver responds accordingly.

The Complete Vehicle Kit comes with a Flux Capacitor/Power Converter Kit, Power Cable, mounting hardware, Transmitter, Transmitter Cable and mounting hardware.