Forklift Alert™ System

Forklift Alert™ Proximity Warning System


Forklift Alert™ is Miltronics’ new patent pending solution for improving facility safety through a proximity awareness warning system for pedestrians encountering forklift activity in a warehouse environment.

The unit is a transmitter mounted on a forklift that emits a high frequency radio signal detected by a receiver, which sounds out to warn surrounding pedestrians. The transmitter operates on the forklift power supply and is easily installed by maintenance personnel. The receiver is wall mounted in areas where pedestrian traffic occurs. When the receiver detects a forklift in the vicinity, a warning indicator lets pedestrians in the area know that an operating forklift in close by.


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There are many more uses for Forklift Alert™ than just forklifts. Our Transmitter-Converter-Flux Capacitor combination allows Forklift Alert™ to be installed in almost any industrial powered vehicle. In addition, a portable version of our transmitter is available for hand operated pallet jacks and other non-powered moving vehicles. Our receiver has an on board audible warning and a case mounted strobe for a visual warning. Accessory ports are available for additional audible and visual warning devices.


The Forklift Alert™ Proximity Warning System includes:

    • Forklift Alert™ Receiver
    • Receiver 110-Volt Power Wall Transformer
    • Forklift Alert™ Flux Capacitor/Power Converter
    • Power Cable – 5 feet (connects forklift power to Flux Capacitor/Power Converter)
    • Forklift Alert™ Transmitter
    • Transmitter Cable – 10 feet (connects Flux Capacitor/Power Converter to Transmitter)
    • Hook & Loop Fastener (to mount Transmitter to upper forklift rail)
    • Cable Cleats (to route and secure all cables)
    • Mounting Hardware (to secure various system components as needed)
    • Forklift Alert™ Operation and Installation Manual

Forklift Alert systems are custom built and ship in 8 to 10 weeks.

Data Sheet:

Forklift Alert Datasheet

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