Forklift Alert™ Receiver


Additional Forklift Alert™ Receivers can be used to further enhance the pedestrian notification abilities of your system. Multiple Receivers can be mounted around corners and in areas where pedestrian traffic could occur.

The Receiver easily mounts to walls and operates on a standard 110-volt power outlet. There are two Accessory Ports to operate enhanced audio and visual warnings. Receivers have an on-board range adjustment and can also be coded to Transmitters for group operation. The Receiver Kit comes with the Receiver, a Power Transformer and mounting hardware


Easily Mounts to Wall Where There’s Pedestrian Traffic
Adjustable Sensitivity for Varying Environments
Line-of-Sight with Forklift Mounted Transmitter is Not Required
Integral Audible Warning Sound Emitted When Forklift is in Proximity
Options for Tethered Audible Warning Signals Available
Integral Visual Warning Strobe Activates When Forklift is in Proximity
Options For Tethered Visual Warning Signals Available
Reset Switch for Warning Signal and Power Testing
Received Signal Verification Diode
Requires 110 VAC Power Outlet