Transmitter Kit


The Transmitter is mounted on the top rail of the forklift and connected to the Flux Capacitor/Power Converter. The Transmitter is coded to the Forklift Alert™ Receiver for grouping and is constantly transmitting.

When the forklift approaches a matching Forklift Alert™ Receiver, the Receiver responds accordingly. The Transmitter Kit comes with a Transmitter, Transmitter Cable and mounting hardware.


Easily Installs on All Forklifts
Operates on Forklift Power (Except Portable Units)
Transmission Frequency is 303.3875 MHz
Electric Forklifts Require Flux Capacitor Module
Extra Terminals to Install Safety Strobe on Forklift
Transmission Verification Diode
Portable Transmitters are Available for Manual Pallet Jacks Only